Rock Salt Can Be Toxic Towards Asphalt

Feb 9, 2023

When your asphalt surface is covered in snow or ice, remember to use de-icer products sparingly. Use Magnesium Chloride instead of rock salt. Rock salt can be toxic towards asphalt and is ineffective in temperatures below 15 degrees.

Although this winter hasn’t been too bad, Pittsburgh winters can be rough on your asphalt driveway or parking lot.

Using salt on asphalt can be dangerous because it can lead to the deterioration of the asphalt over time. Salt, also known as sodium chloride, can penetrate the surface of the asphalt and react with the underlying layers, causing the asphalt to weaken and crack.

To avoid these issues, it is best to use alternative de-icing methods or to use salt sparingly and only in areas where it is absolutely necessary.

If you have questions on how to care for your asphalt surface, feel free to contact us!


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